CONTESSA Contessa or Tess. The most beloved dog in the world and a young lady who holds a very special place in my heart and will do forever. She is the first English Staffordshire Bullterrier I have shown and bred from, and she is just a stunner!

Critiques from  ACT Stafford specialty show 2012 -

1st. OUR KNIGHTS DUANNA FIA - RBS CC Black Brindle. A top quality bitch with the correct blend of bull and terrier. The head is broad and deep through, distinct stop, short fore face with the lips tight and clean, all set off by a dark round eye. The front is good with deep brislegs with no weakness at the pasterns. The body has rib definition, is short coupled with good hindquarters. Presented in good condition, moved and showed well.

1st:Ourknights Duanna Fia: Black brindle of quality displaying breed type. Excellent head, strong. deep through but clean in muzzle.with deep stop and round dark eye. broad skull with neat rose ears of fine leather. Excellent expression. Good fore quarters, depth of brisket with spring of rib and well ribbed back. Level top line strong hindquarters and well set tail. This bitch displays quality however could have shown a little more animation in the ring today.

Sadly, Contessa passed away in June 2017.  She is waiting at the bridge for me....
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